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Smooth Nail File

Smooth Nail File

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moothly shave from all directions, this just smooths out.

This is the "finest nail file" popular with entertainers, manicurists, osteopaths, hand models, and other professionals who use their "fingertips" or as a gift. It was born from over 130 years of experience in file manufacturing.

Features of our nail files

・Five times finer than a typical nail file

・Can be used in any direction

・Can be used by non-dominant hands

・Smooth finish

・No need to have a two-nail file

・Cute shape design

・Cutting from three directions

For those who

・Work to touch luxury clothing

・Nail Artist

・Computer users

・Motorcycle Racers


・Baseball Pitcher

・Osteopaths and caregivers



・Doctors and nurses

The secret to smooth nails

The filing surface is a collection of small blades. As the nail file is finely cut from three directions, it shaves the nail cross-section without destroying the cells of the nail, and this one file gives a smooth finish. It is also characterized by smooth cutting from all directions and sufficient cutting power.

Five times finer than a typical nail file

▲Comparison with common files

Shape Secrets

We have made it so that it is easy to sharpen even for non-dominant hands to have a sense of stability. You can maintain the optimal nail cross-section (45 degrees) by sharpening the curve of the nail in the concave area. In addition, its rounded shape allows anyone to use it at ease.

Product Specifications

  • Material of the file: stainless steel
  • Size (mm): A x B x C = A:50.7 x B:18 x C:1.5


  • If your nails are thin, be careful not to over-sharpen them.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not use for any purpose other than its intended use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q, Is it possible to wash in water?

A, It can be washed in water, but please dry it immediately.

Q, Is it only one side?

A, The filing surface is on one side only. Only one side can be sanded cleanly.

Q, Can I scrape the surface of my nails?

A, It is possible, but please be careful not to damage the skin if your nails are thin.

Q, Can I use it on my toenails too?

A, Yes, it is possible

Q, Can I use it on my baby's nails?

A, It can be used from a neck-sitting baby, but please use it gently and do not over sharpen. It is very popular as a maternity gift.
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